主题:亚洲最火的MEME代币,狗狗币团队最新启动的Moon Rabbit(月兔)




Hello各位币小白直播间的小伙伴们大家好,我是币小白商务负责人Niya ,也是本次AMA的主持人 .

Hello, friends in the live broadcast of Bixiaobai, I am Niya, the head of Bixiaobai’s business, and the host of this AMA.


很荣幸 我们请到了月兔创始人 Angel Versetti先生来到我们的社区直播间 , 本期AMA将为大家深度解析Moon Rabbit .

It is a great honor that we invited Mr. Angel Versetti, the founder of Moon Rabbit, to our community live broadcast room. This AMA will give you an in-depth analysis of Moon Rabbit.


在AMA的过程中 , 我们的翻译小助手会及时将翻译发布至群内 .在AMA结束之后, Angle也会和大家进行互动,那么接下来的时间,就交给我们吧~

During the AMA, our translation assistant will post the translation to the group in time. After the AMA is over, Angle will also interact with everyone, so in the next time, Leave it to us~


非常欢迎月兔创始人 Angel Versetti先生来到我们的社区直播间,Versetti先来跟今天现场所有的月兔粉丝们打个招呼吧。

We’d like to welcome Angel Versetti, founder of Moon Rabbit to our community, and let Versetti say hello to all the Moon Rabbit fans!



Before we start, let’s invite Mr. Versetti to introduce himself and Moon Rabbit.


A1:I’m Angel, founder of Moon Rabbit (moonrabbit.com). Previously I Founded Dogecoin Foundation (doge.org), whose primary goal was to provide marketing and adoption for our beloved Dogecoin. We started it last year as we saw the poor Dogecoin dying. We thought it’s a great idea to shill Dogecoin to Elon and the rest is history.

大家好,我是Angel,月兔(moonrabbit.com)的创始人。 之前我创立了狗狗币基金会 (doge.org),其主要目标是为我们心爱的狗狗币提供市场营销和增加采用率。我们在去年看到可怜的狗狗币濒临死亡时启动了它。我们觉得把狗狗币卖给Elon是个好主意,剩下的就都是历史了。


I also run a crypto hedge fund Versetti&Co. It’s based in Monte Carlo. We are investing heavily into promising coins. Our biggest bets this year are Syscoin, Numeraire, BAT, Dogecoin, UMA, Melonport/Enzyme and Luna. We are also accelerating early-stage coins. Earlier I cofounded Ambrosus together with Gavin Wood, founder of Polkadot and co-founder of Ethereum. We raised 500k seed and provided our investors with 1000x+ returns through our peak market cap of 640m within 6 months. I am on the Forbes 30 under 30 list in Finance..

我还经营着一家加密对冲基金Versetti&Co,总部设在蒙特卡洛。我们正在大量投资有前景的加密货币。我们今年最大的赌注是Syscoin、Numeraire、BAT、Dogecoin、UMA、Melonport/Enzyme和Luna。我们也在加速早期货币的发展,早些时候,我与Polkadot的创始人、以太坊的联合创始人Gavin Wood共同创立了Ambrosus。我们筹集了50万种子资金,并通过6.4亿的峰值市值在6个月内为投资者提供了1000倍以上的回报。我还登上了福布斯30位30岁以下的金融榜单。


Earlier I worked at the United Nations, Bloomberg and Google. Here is my full bio: https://aq.linkedin.com/in/angelversetti.



Now I am fully committed to Moon Rabbit.



Moon Rabbit is web3 Metachain allowing anyone to launch their own Jurisdictions (blockchains, DeFi protocols, NFT platforms, eSports and Web3 dApps, cryptocurrencies). Moon Rabbit ecosystem is powered by $AAA – world’s first meme token with proven utility. We can safely say that $AAA is a phenomenon unseen-before, but eagerly anticipated by traders, devs,HODLers and KOLs alike.

Moon Rabbit 是 web3 元链,支持所有人启动自己的区块链、DeFi 协议、NFT 平台、电子竞技和 Web3 dApp、加密货币。Moon Rabbit 生态系统由 $AAA 提供支持,它是世界上第一个具有成熟效用的MeMe代币。 我们可以有把握地说$AAA是一种前所未见的现象级代币,被交易者、开发者、持有者和 KOL 都热切期待。


Perhaps you don’t know yet that the flagship project of Moon Rabbit is the Longevity DAO that aims to build a robust Life Extension ecosystem through crypto and web3 technologies. This is the grand vision of our project and the reason why we are called Moon Rabbit.

也许大家还不知道,月兔的旗舰项目是Longevity DAO,它旨在通过加密和web3技术构建一个强大的生命扩展生态系统。这就是我们项目的宏伟愿景,也是我们称其为月兔的原因。



Moon Rabbit is an interesting name. What inspired you to build a project like this? What are your inspirations and expectations for the name “Moon Rabbit”?


A2:There is a lot of meaning with Moon Rabbit. Moon Rabbit is very important in Asian folklore as you know. There is a legend of the rabbit living on the Moon, who discovered the elixir of life, have you heard it? And for centuries there were ceremonies where priests and shamans worshipped moon Rabbit to ask for long life and wellbeing. This is why we named it like that.


月兔有很多含义。 如大家所知,月兔在亚洲民间传说中非常重要。 有一个传说,是住在月亮上的兔子发现了长生不老药,大家听说过吗?几个世纪以来,祭司和萨满都在祭祀月亮兔,祈求长寿和幸福,这就是为什么我们这样命名它。



Moon Rabbit applies the best practices of cryptoeconomic architecture, in particular inspired by the tokenomics of ADA, ETH, DOT and LINK. Would you tell us what are the core technical and ecological advantages of Moon Rabbit?


A3:Unlike Polkadot who chose to create an artificial scramble for parachains with a high entry price and long waiting list that robs a lot of start-ups of the opportunity to capitalize on the timely market entry, Moon Rabbit offers a quick roll-out of Substrate-based distributed infrastructure on its own core, fully compatible with Polkadot and supporting Ethereum via EVM Jurisdiction.

与 Polkadot 选择人工争夺平行链的高进入价格和漫长的等待名单不同,这剥夺了许多初创企业利用及时进入市场的机会,月兔提供了快速推出 Substrate- 基于自身核心的分布式基础设施,完全兼容 Polkadot,并通过 EVM Jurisdiction 支持以太坊。


Our Main-Net on Web3/Substrate is live and has now successfully produced over 580’000+ blocks successfully: https://hole.moonrabbit.com/.  We basically have rolled out our own Metachain Layer0 and Layer1, and our network has the same core and framework as Polkadot and a higher throughput.

我们在 Web3/Substrate 上的主网已上线,现已成功生成超过580,000 个区块:https://hole.moonrabbit.com/。 我们基本上已经推出了我们自己的Metachain Layer0和Layer1,我们的网络拥有与Polkadot相同的核心和框架以及更高的吞吐量。


Q4:现在月兔的Uniswap V3机制让很多人不能卖,有什么理由吗?有时候Uniswap深度不足无法购买,是什么原因?

Moon Rabbit Uniswap V3 mechanism is preventing a lot of people from selling, is there any reason? And why sometimes Uniswap is not deep enough to buy?


A4:At the initial distribution phase, the LPs want to provide AAA tokens at a fair launch price. as we are setting up our regional communities and initial listings, Basically they ensure that at the initial stages everyone has an opportunity to get AAA tokens at a fair launch price instead of thin liquidity and coin flying high instantly that could only benefit malicious parties. So the only solution that works while we are launching our communities and people get to know us is to keep offering the fair launch price, so that everyone can participate at the same rate without any party benefitting more than others. once the LPs are done distributing the initial pool, which by the way is almost completely dried out by now, then multiple sources can continue trading the coin.


在初始分配阶段,LP 希望以公平的发行价格提供 AAA 代币。当我们建立我们的区域社区和初始列表时,基本上他们确保在初始阶段每个人都有机会以公平的发布价格获得 AAA 代币,而不是流动性稀薄和代币立即飞涨,这只会使恶意方受益。因此,在我们推出社区并让人们了解我们的过程中,唯一有效的解决方案是继续提供公平的发布价格,以便每个人都可以以相同的速率参与,而不会让任何一方比其他人受益更多。一旦 LP 完成分配初始池,顺便说一句,现在几乎完全枯竭,然后多个来源可以继续交易代币。



Quality team is the key to the steady development of the project. I would like to know what is the situation of Moon Rabbit team at present? In addition, what institutions have you received investment so far?


A5:Indeed, Moon Rabbit is a combined effort of 15+ talented people: $Rust developers, top-notch designers, longevity&biotech advisors, community managers and KOLs. As for strategic involvement, the backers whom I can share publicly are Goldsworth Capital, Metachain Monaco, Distributed Ledger Solutions, Dogecoin Foundation, Doge Inc, and several other angel investors from Monaco, Dubai, Singapore and many other jurisdictions. There are quite a few partners who are already public; some others chose to keep privacy via NDAs.


事实上,月兔是 15 位以上人才的共同努力:$Rust 开发人员、顶尖设计师、长寿和生物技术顾问、社区经理和 KOL。 至于战略参与,我可以公开分享的支持者是 Goldsworth Capital、Metachain Monaco、Distributed Ledger Solutions、Dogecoin Foundation、Doge Inc 以及来自摩纳哥、迪拜、新加坡和许多其他辖区的天使投资人。已经公开的合伙人不少,还有一些人选择通过保密协议来保护隐私。



Let me ask you a question that everyone is most interested in. $AAA is the native token of Moon Rabbit, can you tell us what the economic model of $AAA token is? What are the value applications of $AAA?


A6:The native coin of Moon Rabbit, $AAA, is in-built within the Substrate-based Mother Chain, similarly to $DOT within Polkadot, with additional bridge to ERC20 standard.

Within the native system $AAA combines multiple functions; in particular:

* Fees for processing transactions and storing data, half of which are permanently burned.

* Running Temples (validator nodes) on the network via DPoS system (staking $AAA).

* Rolling out a custom Jurisdiction (own blockchain or protocol) via locking $AAA tokens.

* Used for community governance votes to assist steering Longevity DAO.

* Used as payment token for any goods or services built by partners of Longevity DAO.


月兔的原生代币$AAA构建在基于 Substrate的母链中,类似于 Polkadot 中的 $DOT,附加到 ERC20 标准的桥梁。

在原生系统中 $AAA 结合了多种功能,包括:

* 处理交易和存储数据的费用,其中一半永久销毁。

* 通过 DPoS 系统(质押 $AAA)在网络上运行Temple(验证器节点)。

* 通过锁定 $AAA 代币推出自定义管辖权(自己的区块链或协议)。

* 用于社区治理投票,以协助指导 Longevity DAO。

* 用作 Longevity DAO 合作伙伴构建的任何商品或服务的支付代币。



Today, blockchain is attracting increasing attention and application value, and it has great potential in the field of longevity research. How do you think about the application prospect of blockchain solutions in the field of longevity research? What role does the Moon Rabbit play in this process?


A7:The major aim of Moon Rabbit is to mobilise crypto and web3 to unlock a pathway to eternal life.  Longevity DAO powered by $AAA (the native token of Moon Rabbit) enables longevity companies and entrepreneurs to benefit from crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and distributed data management that web3 has successfully brought to the world. The Moon Rabbit community and partner funds have allocated capital to crowdfund senescence-targeted research.

Moon Rabbit 的主要目标是调动加密领域和 web3 来开启通往永生的道路。由 $AAA(Moon Rabbit 的原生代币)提供支持的 Longevity DAO ,使长寿公司和企业家能够从web3带给大家的众筹、众包和分布式数据管理中受益。 Moon Rabbit 社区和合作伙伴基金已分配资金用于众筹针对衰老的研究。


Longevity will be a 2.5 trillion dollar market by 2025. Covid has massively accelerated the trends of longevity, wellbeing, biotech. People now are constantly thinking about living longer and healthier and there is a massive flood of interest in life extension and anti-age therapy. Even in crypto, the richest people in crypto and thought leaders (Vitalik, Gavin, Joseph, Charles, Roger, etc.). They have been investing in longevity for years.  There’s a lot of promise in this sector and Moon Rabbit enjoys the first-mover advantage now.

到 2025 年,长寿将是一个 2.5 万亿美元的市场,冠状病毒大大加速了长寿、健康和生物技术的发展趋势。人们现在一直在考虑活得更久、更健康,并且对延长寿命和抗衰老疗法产生了极大兴趣。即使在加密货币领域,最富有的人也有加密货币和思想领袖(Vitalik、Gavin、Joseph、Charles、Roger 等),他们多年来一直在投资长寿行业,这个领域有很多希望,月兔现在享有先发优势。




Not only the friends in this room, but also many fans online are very concerned about the dynamics of Moon Rabbit. What are the development plans of Moon Rabbit in the future? What information can you tell us in advance?


A8:Our roadmap for the coming months is aspirational, action-packed and weighs heavily on delivery of community-oriented solutions. On the dev side, we have prioritized building Bridges between Moon Rabbit Mother Chain (Mount Olympus) and Ethereum, BSC and Polygon. Moon Rabbit community  Delegated Proof of Stake launch enabling anyone to stake $AAA coins in a trustless environment is a significant milestone worth putting on your watchlist. There’s a lot more to expect.

我们未来几个月的路线图雄心勃勃,内容丰富,并且非常重视以社区为导向的解决方案交付。在开发方面,我们优先在月兔母链(Mount Olympus)和以太坊、BSC 和 Polygon 之间建立桥梁。Moon Rabbit 社区委托权益证明的发布使任何人都可以在无需信任的环境中质押 AAA 代币,这是一个重要的里程碑,值得放在您的观察名单上。


We are actively seeking to build the fundamentals of DeFi on Moon Rabbit network.

We are onboarding our first Jurisdiction on Mount Olympus (our Mother Chain) already in August. Jurisdiction is an autonomous distributed network, which produces blocks and digital commodities for Mount Olympus.

As said earlier, Jurisdictions may issue its own cryptocurrencies, protocols, tokens, assets, non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

In parallel, we will onboard at least 5 Temples (validators) for Mount Olympus as early as Q3-Q4 2021.

还有很多值得期待,我们正在积极寻求在 Moon Rabbit 网络上构建 DeFi 的基础。

我们已经在8月加入了我们在Mount Olympus(我们的母链)上的第一个管辖权。 Jurisdiction 是一个自治的分布式网络,为Mount Olympus生产区块和数字商品。如前所述,司法管辖区可以发行自己的加密货币、协议、代币、资产、不可替代的代币 (NFT)。与此同时,我们最早将于 2021 年第三季度至第四季度为Mount Olympus安装至少 5 个Temple(验证器)。



At today’s event, there are many friends who support and have a high opinion of Moon Rabbit. As the founder of the project,a crypto entrepreneur and investor with a very professional vision, do you have any experience or advice that share to us?


A9:I’ve been in Bitcoin since v.0.1.0 and have seen it all. We could not even dream back in the early years of how crypto would permeate the world but we are not done building the dream and the community has created thousands of new dreams that ONLY crypto can make come true. I would prefer more people in crypto today to remember why bitcoin was created in the first place. We have far too many blockchains and crypto that are closed to the community, very exclusive, non-participative. Crypto needs to be fair, transparent, open-source, participative, empowering.  Moon Rabbit is driven by this grand vision either. Moon Rabbit is here to unite the dreamers, the radicals, the visionaries, the autists, the entrepreneurs, the hustlers — to create a radically different, better, efficient, meritocratic and just world.





Will Moon Rabbit have the height of Dogecoin in the future? What platform or coin to aim at? What are your plans in China?


A10:I launched Dogecoin Foundation last year via doge.org as we saw great potential of Dogecoin during corona times.  back then the meme economy was only emerging and most people thought it’s ridiculous. Our funds made a big bet on Dogecoin, you can actually check out dogetop5.com website ,we have kept it intact. We launched it in December last year and we called it Top5 because our goal was to make dogecoin a top5 cryptocurrency.  you know what happened later – Dogecoin became number 4 crypto by marketcap! What I’m trying to say is that everything is possible for Moon Rabbit too.  Never underestimate the power of memes – especially now that you can scale your own projects and even unlock secrets of immortality thanks to $AAA and Moon Rabbit.

我去年通过doge.org成立了Dogecoin基金会,因为我们在corona时代看到了Dogecoin的巨大潜力。当时,meme经济刚刚兴起,大多数人都认为这很荒谬,我们的基金在狗狗币上下了很大的赌注,你可以登录dogetop5.com网站,我们保持了狗狗币的完整。我们在去年12月推出了它,我们称它为Top5,因为我们的目标是让狗狗币成为排名前5的加密货币。你知道后来发生了什么——狗狗币成为市值排名第四的加密货币!我想说的是,对于月兔来说,一切皆有可能。永远不要低估meme的力量——尤其是现在,你可以扩展自己的项目,甚至通过$AAA和Moon Rabbit解锁永生的秘密。


We’re happy to see so much enthusiasm about Moon Rabbit in China. We can invest a seed round of 3-10 BTC into highly promising Chinese crypto startups who launch exclusively on Moon Rabbit and our hedge funds and partners will help accelerate the coins so anyone with great web3 / substrate networks or startups can get in touch with us. we can be stronger together and our investors can also co-invest in them. this will make Moon Rabbit ecosystem the strongest in crypto.

我们很高兴看到中国对月兔如此热情。 我们可以将 3-10 BTC 的种子轮投资于非常有前途的中国加密初创公司,这些初创公司只在Moon Rabbit上发行,我们的对冲基金和合作伙伴将帮助加速代币发行,因此任何拥有出色 web3/substrate 网络或初创公司的人都可以与我们联系 . 我们可以一起变得更强大,我们的投资者也可以共同投资。 这将使 Moon Rabbit 生态系统成为最强大的加密货币。