2022年1月7日 ,LBS CEO-Daniel Nam 受邀做客币小白社区,与币小白商务负责人Niya进行对话,展开AMA活动,首次畅谈用区块链解决奢侈品的最大痛点,受到一众粉丝的围观,以下为本场直播内容的梳理回顾:



Q1:活动开始之前,我们先来请Daniel Nam做个自我介绍,并先给大家简单介绍下LBS是一个怎样的项目?


Before we start, let’s invite Daniel Nam to introduce himself and briefly introduce what LBS is.



Hello, my name is Daniel Nam.I have been in the brand launching and apparel business for many years. We tried to create a brand that customers can trust by contracting distribution licenses for many brands in Italy and abroad. We started LBS to create an accurate and convenient luxury distribution system for many customers.


翻译:大家好,我叫 Daniel Nam。我从事品牌发布和服装业务多年。 我们试图通过为意大利和国外的许多品牌签订分销许可来创建一个客户可以信赖的品牌。 我们创立 LBS 是为了为众多客户打造准确便捷的奢侈品分销系统。



In the past two years, the enabling application of blockchain has become more and more widespread in all walks of life in the world. Can Daniel talk to us about the development status of luxury industry and LBS respectively?



Among luxury goods, the growth of the high-fashion market has had a great influence not only on the clothing industry but also on many other fields, but the product management system is not showing the ability to satisfy potential customers as well as customers with sufficient purchasing power.


翻译:在奢侈品中,高级时装市场的增长不仅对服装行业产生了很大的影响,对许多其他领域也产生了很大的影响,但产品管理系统并没有表现出满足潜在客户的能力以及满足客户需求的能力。 购买力。


I am confident that the LBS Token project will be able to show great advantages in the recording and utilization of product and customer data, and data application of the platform, by convergence with block chain technology such as block chain, ecosystem network, and data analysis techniques in the luxury distribution management process.


翻译:相信通过与区块链、生态网络、数据分析等区块链技术的融合,LBS Token项目将能够在产品和客户数据的记录和利用,以及平台的数据应用方面展现出巨大的优势 奢侈品分销管理过程中的技术。


Currently, the development of the pay system has been completed. We are now developing the online pay shopping mall and metaverse.

LBS payment-related applications and a system for paying lbs at merchants have also been developed and are in progress.


翻译:目前,薪酬体系建设已经完成。 我们现在正在开发在线支付购物中心和元界。

与 LBS 支付相关的应用程序和在商户支付 lbs 的系统也已开发并正在进行中。



Based on the leading blockchain technology, the value ecosystem built by LBS has been highly praised by industry insiders. In terms of the current situation of the industry, what common pain points can LBS solve for everyone?



As the demand in the luxury market expands, the market for counterfeit goods also expands, introducing blockchain technology NFT to prevent distribution damage. Blockchain is a technology that records transactions in the network of each node and streamlines the process of tracking the records. Chains connected to blocks are immutable and remain a reliable record. Even in NFT, the unique identification value of each token is stored on the blockchain, so it is impossible to duplicate the same in ownership and copyright


翻译:随着奢侈品市场需求的扩大,假冒商品的市场也在扩大,引入区块链技术NFT来防止分销受损。 区块链是一种在每个节点的网络中记录交易并简化跟踪记录的过程的技术。 连接到区块的链是不可变的,并保持可靠的记录。 即使在 NFT 中,每个代币的唯一标识值都存储在区块链上,因此在所有权和版权上也不可能复制相同



Competition in the luxury industry has always been fierce. Compared with other luxury service platforms, what are the highlights and advantages of LBS project?



I am familiar with alipay. LBS has established an electronic wallet payment system. There is an electronic wallet that all consumers can pay easily and quickly with Qr payment. Non-members can also pay, and merchants do not need to install a separate program.The difference between LBS is the LBS PAY payment system that can be recognized by other companies and foreign countries, and it is possible to pay with various pay even without a pay balance.


翻译:我熟悉支付宝。 LBS建立了电子钱包支付系统。 有一个电子钱包,所有消费者都可以通过 Qr 支付轻松快捷地支付。 非会员也可以付费,商家不需要安装单独的程序。LBS的不同之处在于LBS的PAY支付系统可以被其他公司和国外认可,即使没有pay balance也可以用各种pay进行支付。




We learned that LBS will launch a new payment application APP, what is the latest situation of this APP? What is the original intention of launching payment APP?



Luxury goods purchased through LBS are genuine products recorded in the block chain. When a customer purchases a luxury product from LBS and sells it second-hand to other customers, the product is guaranteed by the LBS blockchain, and the buyer can trust and purchase the genuine product, and ownership is also transferred to the buyer.


翻译:通过 LBS 购买的奢侈品是记录在区块链中的正品。 当客户从 LBS 购买奢侈品并将其二手出售给其他客户时,该产品由 LBS 区块链担保,买家可以信任并购买正品,所有权也转移给买家。


Q6:您提到的是非常有趣的有想法,Daniel Nam能给大家聊聊如何下载和使用这款支付APP吗?

Very interesting idea. Can Daniel tell us about how to download and use this payment APP?



In addition to using LBS within the platform, you can purchase luxury goods at discounted prices in offline stores and can also be used at affiliated companies. Affiliated companies include plastic surgery, dermatology, beauty-related companies and travel agencies.


翻译:除了在平台内使用LBS,您还可以在线下门店以折扣价购买奢侈品,也可以在关联公司使用。 附属公司包括整形外科、皮肤科、美容相关公司和旅行社。



Ask a question that we are most concerned about, what is the current economic model of LBS? What are the value interests of holding LBS?



The Chinese market is a huge market. We plan to create offline and online malls not only in Korea but also overseas. We are currently negotiating with offline stores in China. We are negotiating with stores in the Philippines and Thailand, and there has been a request to introduce LBSPAY to Philippine casinos, and we are discussing foreign exchange laws.


中国市场是一个巨大的市场。 我们计划不仅在韩国而且在海外建立线下和线上商城。 我们目前正在与中国的线下门店进行谈判。





Where can users trade or own LBS? Which exchanges have LBS launched at present?



LBS is currently listed on DIGIFINEX and HOO exchanges.



Q9:现场很多社群粉丝对LBS热情很高,在这里想问下Daniel Nam,LBS接下来都有哪些规划部署?有哪些是能跟大家提前透露下的吗?

Many community fans here are very enthusiastic about LBS. I would like to ask Daniel, what are the next plans for LBS? Is there anything you can tell us in advance?



Currently, we have business agreements with global companies and Korean conglomerates. And since the platform was launched a while ago, the number of franchisees is rapidly increasing. A big issue will be open soon.

Lastly, we are constantly holding various events on the exchange. We look forward to your involvement


翻译:目前,我们与全球公司和韩国企业集团有业务协议。 而自从平台上线不久,加盟商的数量也在迅速增加。 一个大问题很快就会打开。

最后,我们不断在交易所举办各种活动。 我们期待大家的的参与!



At today’s AMA, there are many friends who are very optimistic about LBS. As the CEO of the project and a senior practitioner with a very professional vision, do you have any experiences or comments to share with us?



Comparing the current cryptocurrency market to that of the early days of the Internet has been around for a long time. Cryptocurrency investors are taking full advantage of current trading and investment opportunities. This is because the current bull market clearly provides opportunities for generating profits. Traders and investors are benefiting from the development of an emerging industry called digital assets. Considering the initial internet investment experience, isn’t the market looking for Amazon in the cryptocurrency market? If you had jumped into the cryptocurrency market early, you might have reaped the same returns as investing in Amazon. So, out of thousands of cryptocurrencies, which project could become the crypto Amazon? This is your choice.


翻译:将当前的加密货币市场与互联网早期的市场进行比较已经存在很长时间了。 加密货币投资者正在充分利用当前的交易和投资机会。 这是因为当前的牛市显然提供了产生利润的机会。 交易者和投资者正受益于称为数字资产的新兴行业的发展。 考虑到最初的互联网投资经验,市场是不是在加密货币市场寻找亚马逊? 如果你早点进入加密货币市场,你可能会获得与投资亚马逊相同的回报。 那么,在数以千计的加密货币中,哪个项目可以成为加密亚马逊? 这是你的选择。